Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back from my blog black out

Hello, it is nice to be back after a busy Summer! It has been crazy the last few months, but I can say that it was a good crazy....but only because I got an "A" in both of my Summer school classes.  :) We also went on our first vacation as a family of three (and lived to tell about it), our baby is now a walking toddler, and so much more.  I will try and go back and recap some of our Summer later.  For now, just a few alot of  pictures from last weekend.  We are trying to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts, and get the most out of our pool membership this season.

Friday night our neighbors invited us over for dinner on the deck.  We ordered from a local favorite, Luigi's.  It was a beautiful night, and Avery and Miles had so much fun playing together.

This is how we roll these days. There's barely any room for Avery. :)

Avery has once again found her love for the swing.

And here are a few pictures from the last time we got together for dinner on the deck.

Avery and Miles.

Checking under the hood.  They look so serious.

I'm not quite sure what is going on here.  But check out Avery going for a taste of the handle bars.

Miles likes to try riding all toys backwards.

Avery loves the Elmo chair that Miles got for his birthday.

On Saturday we had the Wolfe family over to our deck.  Look at this moment I captured of Miles and Jackson.  He did the same thing to our other dog, Franklin, but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of it.

Now for a few pictures from the pool. The pool is a completely different experience now that Avery is walking. She loves to go down the slide in the baby pool, and spend time in the play house and slides they have outside the pool, and most recently she loves the "spray ground".

She could slide all day.
Chasing after Avery.
Spending time in the big pool with daddy.

The weather is suppose to remain warm and sunny all week, which means Avery and I will be heading to the pool this week and over the weekend.  Of course we can't forget what Saturday is.....the start of college football!! Yeah!! Look who else is ready for football....

Go State!!