Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 3 year anniversary!!

Today is our 3 year anniversary.  I married an amazingly romantic man.  From the beginning he created a plan for each anniversary, he would plan all odd years and I would have all even.  For our first anniversary he surprised me by taking me to San Diego for 5 amazing days! I could not have asked for a better first anniversary.  So I was in charge of year two celebrations, however we had a 3 month old.  I had actually started to make plans while I was pregnant, but Greg and I agreed that we weren't ready to travel or leave Avery when it got closer to September.  So now we are celebrating 3 years together, and boy how are lives have changed since year one.  I'm not working and now going to school, we have a baby, etc., but my husband still knows how to plan a romantic anniversary!

He started planning a few months ago, but never gives me any clues to what he is putting together.  Steph and Steve drove down from Michigan on Friday afternoon to watch Avery.  We had a fun dinner out in Hudson Friday night together.  Then Saturday I had strict orders to be ready to go by 1030am. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pack when you don't know where you're even going?

Our anniversary started out with an early lunch at our favorite place....Chic-fil-a.  Then we headed South.  I had a lot of ideas in my head about where we might be going....but I never thought we would be heading South.  We got slightly lost, and ended up parked in a movie theatre.  I thought we were stopping for directions, because we NEVER go to the movies.  But that was part 2 of our celebration.  We watched Grown Ups.  It was a typical funny Adam Sandler movie.  Even Greg enjoyed it.

Then we continued to head South.  We were driving on roads that were twisting and turning back and forth, until we arrived at our destination....Whispering Pine Bed and Breakfast.  It is an old farmhouse across from a lake in Dellroy, OH.  After checking in we walked through the entire house, checked out some of the other rooms and spent some time on the swing outside. And then at 5pm there was a knock on our door, it was a women there to give me a massage.  After that, we got ready for our dinner reservations at 630pm.  We ate dinner at this resort on the other side of the lake.  It had the most gorgeous views.  We ended our night in the bar....watching the Spartans take on the Fighting Irish.  I am pretty sure we were the only ones there watching the game.  Everyone else was dancing and singing karaoke.  But it was an amazing game!! Sunday we woke up and had an amazing breakfast before we headed back home.  It was so much different from our trip to San Diego, but it was still an amazing anniversary!! The bed and breakfast was so peaceful, decorated tastefully with antiques and had numerous Tiffany style lamps.  I have love Tiffany lamps! 

Whispering Pines B&B

The view from our balcony.
Perfect weekend!

We came home and had an amazing welcome from Avery! When she heard our voice she came running with a big smile and arms out wide. We were excited to see her too!! I'm pretty sure she had a good time entertaining Grandma and Steve, she even got to show them her favorite place...the park!
Greg has yet again set the bar high. I better start planning our 4 year anniversary now.