Thursday, March 25, 2010

My great accomplishment!!

A few weeks ago I was so excited to see that Avery had learned to pull herself up to stand all by herself. I had no idea it was going to create so many problems...including the fact that she started to use her bed as a tasty chew toy. I really didn't think that she would sleep well in the basement with the dogs...Jackson snores so loudly, so I had to come up with some other solution. My immediate fix was to tie bath towels to each side. I thought that I had solved the problem...but "A" found a few places I had missed. I added more towels on the corners, and it looked completely ridiculous...

Before picture.

I searched Etsy for rail covers...but it was going to cost $75 or more. Next, I looked for a DIY pattern. After searching for some time, I finally found a blog that had directions on how to make such a thing. So off to the craft store I went, and bought all that I needed...and more. I think it cost maybe $45. But I have been so busy with school that I wasn't sure when it was going to get accomplished., but today I felt like I was good with my school I made these...

This is a picture of 2 of the 3 rail covers I sewed.

I'm sure people who know me well, like Stacey or my mom, just fell out of their chairs when they read that I "sewed". I have no idea how to sew...but I winged it. And honestly I don't think they turned out so badly.

After picture.

She likes how soft they feel.

Avery checking out the view from below.

At one point today, all the lights on my sewing machine were blinking and nothing was working..ha ha-no kidding. But other than that, this project went pretty smoothly. I'm very happy with the outcome. I just hope they work as well as they look.
I do wish I knew how to sew. I should have taken sewing classes years ago. When Avery gets older, I'm definitely going to sign her up for classes. She doesn't have to be a fashion designer, but I don't want her to be as lost about sewing as I am. Knowing how to sew definitely comes in handy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Picture post

Two things...first I'm pretty sure Mother Nature reads my blog. After my weather rant....we've had amazing weather. So much so that Avery, Greg, and I (the dogs- Jackson and Franklin too) have been taking full advantage and going for as many walks as possible.

Second, sorry that I haven't been too good at updating the blog... but hopefully this post full of pictures will make up for it...

Here is our messy eater. You know things are getting serious when the shirt comes off.

It takes a lot out of a baby.

No kidding, I find Cheerios in the craziest of places.

Here is our beautiful baby girl.

And this is her showing off her "fishy" lips.

I love this picture. Avery and Daddy waiting for swim lessons to begin.

A recent play date picture. Avery and Sophia were catching up, and Miles was hanging out.

This is a happy baby after nap time. Her bed is under construction due to the fact that her new favorite thing to do is chew on it. I'm currently making a cover that will hopefully resolve the situation.

This is the happy face that greets me every morning. **Notice the exposed crib on the did Avery. There is now another towel covering that end.
I hope you enjoyed my quick photo post. I will post again when I have some more pictures.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Avery is 9 months old!!

Avery supporting her favorite basketball team during March Madness!!

Avery, I can not believe you're 9 months already. Where has the time gone? This is your last month as a single digit baby. (my mom should get a chuckle out of this) Here is a recap about you at 9 months...

  • You weigh in a 20 pounds...75% percentile.

  • You are 27 1/2 in long....50% percentile.

  • You wear 9-12mo clothing.

  • You have your two lower and two upper 10 months you will have 2 more upper teeth for sure.

  • You once were on the best nap schedule...what happened? Hopefully we can figure this out again...SOON.

  • You have 3 bottles a day. One before each nap and one before bed.

  • Your new favorite breakfast is organic waffles....especially blueberry waffles. You love feeding yourself, but also do such a good job of making such a mess as well.

  • You want to try any food that is on my plate.

  • You babble....mamamama and dadadada. :)

  • You have learned how to pull yourself up, and you spend most of your day doing so. It may be on the couch, coffee table, Miles, my leg...etc. No one or thing is safe.

  • This is true about the furniture as well...because once you stand up-you have decided to chew on everything. There are now teeth marks in the coffee table, dining room chairs...oh and your beautiful crib.

You are so much fun to be with every day. I love you so so very, very much.

It was a chore getting this months picture. If Avery would have had it her way, this is what her 9 month picture would have looked like.