Saturday, March 20, 2010

Avery is 9 months old!!

Avery supporting her favorite basketball team during March Madness!!

Avery, I can not believe you're 9 months already. Where has the time gone? This is your last month as a single digit baby. (my mom should get a chuckle out of this) Here is a recap about you at 9 months...

  • You weigh in a 20 pounds...75% percentile.

  • You are 27 1/2 in long....50% percentile.

  • You wear 9-12mo clothing.

  • You have your two lower and two upper 10 months you will have 2 more upper teeth for sure.

  • You once were on the best nap schedule...what happened? Hopefully we can figure this out again...SOON.

  • You have 3 bottles a day. One before each nap and one before bed.

  • Your new favorite breakfast is organic waffles....especially blueberry waffles. You love feeding yourself, but also do such a good job of making such a mess as well.

  • You want to try any food that is on my plate.

  • You babble....mamamama and dadadada. :)

  • You have learned how to pull yourself up, and you spend most of your day doing so. It may be on the couch, coffee table, Miles, my leg...etc. No one or thing is safe.

  • This is true about the furniture as well...because once you stand up-you have decided to chew on everything. There are now teeth marks in the coffee table, dining room chairs...oh and your beautiful crib.

You are so much fun to be with every day. I love you so so very, very much.

It was a chore getting this months picture. If Avery would have had it her way, this is what her 9 month picture would have looked like.

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