Sunday, February 28, 2010


Just a warning, this may be a long blog post and I'm going to start it out with a slight rant.

The church across the street has a saying on their sign that says..."Rest assured, Spring is on its way". It's a nice thought, but I'm not so sure it's coming fast enough. It seems like this winter we've had so much snow. A few weeks back Greg shoveled the deck because so much snow had collected on it.

The dogs are always there to help.

Last weekend we had this amazing weekend. Greg and I were able to get out of the house just the two of us, because Steph and Steve volunteered to watch Avery. (Thank you!!) It couldn't have been any nicer. We did some outdoor shopping, headed to Winking Lizard for a cold beer, and the sun was even out. So I thought maybe the church was on to something...Spring was on its way.

Until this weekend this hit us (again)...
The dogs like to play in the snow.

Avery supervising.

All I have to say is...Thank God tomorrow is March 1st! and the end is near....I hope!
End of rant.

Playdate...On Wednesday Avery had over Miles, Sophia and Mason for our play date. Alicia and Miles were the first ones to arrive. So I caught this moment....

This was right before Miles realized Alicia was out of sight and started to cry....then Avery started to cry. It's this new thing the two of them have started to do. I'm not a fan.

This is Sophia. She is around 4 weeks older than Avery. She has the most amazing laugh and a very sweet little girl.

Church...About 20 minutes into church today, I decided today was the day we were going to check out the daycare options they offer. Avery use to be so quiet and patient during the service, but lately she is everything but quiet and patient. So at first Avery and I walked around and checked out what it looked like, then I proceeded to check her in. She seemed fine when I left her and they gave me a pager so if she was upset they could reach me. So I get back just a little after church started. The ENTIRE time I'm thinking about her. What if she is crying? I have the pager they will call me. What if she is hungry? They said they had snacks. She won't go hungry. Etc. Etc. The reason I even took her to the daycare was so I could get the most out of church, but all I did was think about her....and come to find out was Greg. He hated the idea just as much as I did. So as soon as it was time to go, we both raced out to save Avery. Guess what? She didn't even notice we were gone. She was having a blast playing with the new toys and watching the younger little girl in the room. How did I become that person. Never thought it would be me. But I think it was a good start for both Greg and I, and maybe we might try again some time.

Swimming Lessons!!

Have to bundle of the baby to head to swimming lessons. She has her suit and cover up on under.

When we first walked into the pool area, Avery wasn't too sure she was a fan of this adventure. But once class began and they started by singing "The Wheels On the Bus"....Avery's favorite song - she was fine.

Headed into the pool.

Avery was a big fan of chewing on the ducky.
This was Avery's idea.
Next week it will be Greg's turn to be in the pool with Avery and I will try to capture some video of our little mermaid.

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