Monday, February 1, 2010

Avery's Dedication 1/27

First I want to start out with a quick apology that I did not blog at all last week. My computer was having issues and was out of commission most of last week. Thanks to the help of Uncle Bill and the patience of my dear husband...(yes I did refer to Greg and patience in the same sentence) my computer is back up and running.

Last Sunday we took part in the Baby Dedication at our church. It was a two part process. In the morning we stood in front of the church as a group with all of the other parents and their babies being dedicated that morning. The parents promise to raise their baby in the Christian faith and seek to instill faith in them. The second part took place later in the afternoon and was done individually for each child. Our good friends/neighbors Chuck, Alicia and Miles came to watch and take pictures for us. Not too long before it was our turn to go up, Avery decided she wanted to see how loud she could be. I think she was trying to entertain her friend, Miles.

When it was our turn, the Pastor started by telling us that Avery means "to be a good counselor" and read Psalm 16:7-8 "I will praise the Lord, who cousels me; even at night my heart instructs me." He then gave each of us a little advice on raising Avery, and finished by praying for her. We were very excited to take part in the dedication. Afterwards we took a few pictures and then of course celebrated with some Mexican food!!

Avery was okay with the Pastor holding her at first, but eventually decided she was done.

The Pastor praying for Avery.

A family photo afterwards.

I like this picture because it shows off Avery's pretty bow.

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