Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bath time!

Guess who took her first big girl bath tonight?

That's right...this girl!!

Avery has always enjoyed bath time. She is usually casually lounging in her baby bath tub while I read her books. However, lately I've noticed that she was outgrowing her baby tub. I wasn't sure if she was going to enjoy a big girl bath because there was no lounging involved but we tried it tonight-and did awesome! I will mention that at one point we tried some tummy time in the shallow water and she decided to take a drink. But it was just a minor set back. Now we need to go shopping for some bath toys. The regular toys she played with tonight are still drying out. Hopefully her first swim lesson goes as well this Saturday!

Thanks for letting me know that you couldn't view the videos. The issue should be resolved now. It was a problem that the actual site was having. Hopefully they have fixed it for good.

Tomorrow we are hosting the play date at our house. Greg has helped moved some furniture, I have the food part pretty much done, now hopefully I get some good pictures to post!

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