Tuesday, February 16, 2010

8 months

Avery you're 8 months old today! What are you up to these days...

  • You have graduated from size 3 Pampers "Swaddler"diapers to "Cruisers", which seems appropriate because you army crawl EVERYWHERE.

  • You still wear size 9-12 month clothing, but I only buy you size 12mo so you can wear it for awhile.

  • You still just have the two bottom teeth, but I think that you may be working to cut your two upper.

  • You are such a good sleeper. Most days you sleep from 730pm-730am.

  • You always take 2 naps-around 10am and 2pm and sometimes another short one around 530pm.

  • You have 3-5oz bottles most days.

  • You eat all sorts of fruits and veggies, and have started to eat food with pasta in it. So far you've tried Primavera and Pasta and Spinach and Pasta.

  • You love to feed yourself whole cheerios and other finger snacks and drink juice from your sippy cup.

  • You are a very vocal baby - no surprise!

  • You smile and laugh a lot!!

  • You are very entertained by Jackson & Franklin dog - and the cat too if she dares to come close enough.

  • You love to read touch and feel books.

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