Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Picture post

Two things...first I'm pretty sure Mother Nature reads my blog. After my weather rant....we've had amazing weather. So much so that Avery, Greg, and I (the dogs- Jackson and Franklin too) have been taking full advantage and going for as many walks as possible.

Second, sorry that I haven't been too good at updating the blog... but hopefully this post full of pictures will make up for it...

Here is our messy eater. You know things are getting serious when the shirt comes off.

It takes a lot out of a baby.

No kidding, I find Cheerios in the craziest of places.

Here is our beautiful baby girl.

And this is her showing off her "fishy" lips.

I love this picture. Avery and Daddy waiting for swim lessons to begin.

A recent play date picture. Avery and Sophia were catching up, and Miles was hanging out.

This is a happy baby after nap time. Her bed is under construction due to the fact that her new favorite thing to do is chew on it. I'm currently making a cover that will hopefully resolve the situation.

This is the happy face that greets me every morning. **Notice the exposed crib on the right....so did Avery. There is now another towel covering that end.
I hope you enjoyed my quick photo post. I will post again when I have some more pictures.

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