Friday, June 1, 2012

The day is quickly coming....

In my mind I had always expected this baby around 39 weeks.  I knew that due to the diabetes that there was no way that I would go any later.  It was actually reassuring to know that.  However, just casually talking to my diabetes NP this week she said that they won't let me go over 38.  What? That was not in my plan.  So at my last doctor's appointment of the week (I have had 5 in 4 days this week) I brought it up to him.  I'm positive we had this conversation way back in November but I knew I had to  ask again. "So again what are your views on a DM pregnancy 38 or 39 weeks?"  And Dr. Stewart casually responds with, "actually I prefer 37 weeks."  Um WHAT? Was anyone going to tell me about this? Today I am 34 weeks pregnant!!

Now I understand that there is good reason for this.  Being a pregnant diabetic, my chances for late term still born birth increase.  That is scary, and not something you want to mess around with.  But I also know the issues of having a baby early.  Avery was 35 weeks and was in the special care unit for 10 days, never caught on to breast feeding no matter how hard I tried, and it was just terrible to be separated from her for so long. 

My goal for this pregnancy was that we would avoid most of these issues.  I had this grand idea that I might avoid another c-section, that the baby could room with me, and have a more normal length hospital stay.  I can't imagine being away from Avery for 10 days. 

Dr. Stewart did say that since I have such good control of my blood sugars, that it may be possible to go further than 37 weeks.  We can iron out more of the details on the 12th (which also happens to be Avery and my birthday).  We have an NST and then an ultrasound.  That will tell us how strong he is, and how big he is.  .....note to self, stay away from the carbs.  Probably not going to happen with all these birthday celebrations coming up.  But I need to focus on the prize.

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