Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Move over Dora...

Avery has a new favorite show, Doc McStuffins.  It debuted on Disney Junior at the end of March, and she hasn't missed an episode.  There are mornings when she gets up at 6am, I'm still trying to sleep for 30 more minutes, and Greg is on the treadmill.  Greg used to put an episode of Dora on to buy me some time, but these days Avery walks into the basement and says, "Daddy, no Dora today.  I want to watch DocMcstuffins." 

Each episode features some sort of musical number, which honestly I think is a major draw for Avery.  I even catch myself enjoying watching it with her at times.  But she better not be getting any ideas.  She has been talking about a Dora birthday party for months.  I started to pick things up here and there, against my better judgement.  So no matter what Dora must be cool until at least June!!


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