Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Signs of Spring

The snow has long melted and the trees are slowly getting their leaves. Today the sun is out....but burrrrr it's cold outside. But here are some signs that warm weather is almost here...

I planted these Hyacinth flowers last fall. They smell so good!

Avery likes to use the dogs to stand up.

They don't seem to really mind the abuse she dishes out.

But then again she gets abused right back. Avery was balanced on Franklin here, and he decided to rollover.

On warm days, Avery enjoys some time in her swing.

A couple of weeks ago we had some pretty warm days. Avery was invited to come swim with Miles. It was like a big bath tub.

Look at that baby butt...and those cute rolly polly thighs!!!

Warm weather means sandals, shorts and enjoying the soft grass.

April in Arizona always meant Spring training games, shorts and the first sun burn of the season. April in Ohio is so much different. Tonight we even have a freeze warning! But I am confident that the warm weather will find its way back to the Midwest.

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