Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing catchup

The semester is almost over so I've been studying extra hard these last few weeks. I have to get an A in my Organic Chemistry class, so I am trying to "focus"! Which means I've not been on my best blogging behavior. I do have Avery's 10 month picture to Easter recap...and a favorite recipe. But that is not going to get done right now. I thought I would post a few pictures in case you were going through Avery cuteness withdrawl. She is so much fun!

Our friends Lisa and Adam and their two little ones were in our swim class. Kayla is one day younger than Avery and her big brother, Gavin, will be 3 soon. Avery was very interested in what Gavin was up to in this picture.

I recently cleaned out the doors in our entertainment center and put toys in them. Avery thought they were for her anyways.

The baskets under our coffee table also were cleaned out to make room for Avery's things. Each morning she pulls them out.

And sometimes she falls in :) I had a hard time taking this picture because I was laughing so hard. She is quite the character.

Another, in the basket shot.

And under the coffee table.

And this is Avery and I having fun taking our picture together. We were dressed in our green to support State in the March Madness tournament.
And here is some fun Daddy and Avery time. This is not so much fun when she has a mouth full of babyfood!

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