Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter Weekend Recap

I know that it is kind of late for an Easter wrap up, but I thought I would share some pictures from Avery's first Easter. We had the most beautiful warm weather for the weekend, and we also had great company. Dave and Michelle came from Michigan to visit. Avery loves attention from Bumpa and eve has a special smile for him.

We spent our time eating out on the deck, cheering for Michigan State in the Final Four and just enjoying our visitors. Dave loves to take pictures...and I believe that Avery may be one of his more favorite subjects. Which means we get so many great pictures. Here are a few....

Posing for Bumpa.

Miles came over to help cheer on Michigan State.

Eating out on the deck.

Good times!

Family picture!

Avery checking out her Easter basket or more like the grass in her Easter basket.

I filled plastic eggs with some of Avery's favorite snacks.

She continued to find eggs for several days after.

It was a great weekend. The only bad part was when it was over. Why do weekends seem so short?

Avery & Bumpa

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