Friday, January 8, 2010

Avery's favorite food

This morning I was feeding Avery this....

and I told Greg that I think it's Avery's favorite. He said that Avery likes everything and he doesn't think she has a favorite. He almost had me convinced until I started to put the jar away and Avery reached up and cried out. She has never done such a thing. This girl loves her Pumpkin/Apples. The only problem...I'm not sure I can buy any more of it. I found this flavor in the Fall, when we were just starting to think about feeding Avery real food. I couldn't pass up anything Pumpkin...I love Pumpkin and couldn't wait for A to try it. So I'm considering dealing with the snow and seeing if Walmart might still have some more.
Here are some pictures to get your Avery fix.

**Update...I made it to Walmart and bought all 5 jars that they had. AND Greg changed his mind after he fed her tonight. He now agrees that this girls loves her Pumpkin Apples.

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