Thursday, May 13, 2010

11 Month Update

11 Months Old!!

Oh my, I can not believe you are 11 months old! I think back to last May. We were so busy getting ready for your July. It was so much fun to decorate your nursery, and shop for all your baby needs. We couldn't wait to meet you. Little did we know that it would be much sooner than we thought!

What are you doing at 11 months?

  • You wear Pampers Cruisers - size 3.

  • You wear size 12-18 month clothes. When I go shopping for you, I usually buy size 18 months.

  • Shoe size-still a 3.

  • Eating: You love your blueberry waffles for breakfast. I usually give you half a banana or some applesauce as well. Lunch lately has been a turkey sandwich, grilled cheese or a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich :) With some strawberries, pineapple or grapes on the side. Dinner is a sample of whatever we are eating and some sort of baby meal. You love pizza like your mommy. People are amazed at the amount of it you can put away....including me!

  • Your nap schedule is random. You really need two, but some days you just get one long one.

  • You sleep through the night unless you are working on another tooth. We have spent a couple of nights in the guest room together. When you wake up and cry, I rub your back until you go back to sleep.

  • Teeth update: you have 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. I have to think the other bottom one is coming based on your mood and the amount that you're drooling. :)

  • You love to play chase mommy and daddy. You hit turbo speed when you see the cat. It is so funny, you look like a little bull dog. You have stood all by yourself a few times. You aren't sure what to think about that. Oh, and you've learned to maneuver the stairs. I caught you half way up them. Time for the gates!

  • And most importantly, this month you started to wave. You like to wave at everything, but not on command!!

As you may have noticed, our picture location was changed this month. And this is the reason why...

Avery did not want to take her picture in her crib. I think she thought I was going to make her take a nap. I guess being a mom means being flexible.
The first picture is her "official" 11 month picture. However, this is her unofficial. Is was too cute not to share!

I love this baby!!

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