Friday, May 28, 2010

Blog absence = Not much going on

Sorry that it's been awhile since my last post, however there just hasn't been that much going on around here. I'm sure that it won't last too long, so I'm trying to enjoy it!

The weather has been hot, might I say "Summer-like" here in Ohio. I'm embarrassed to say that we already have our air conditioning on. Growing up in Arizona, I remember seeing how long we could go before we had to turn the a/c on. I can assure you that it wasn't when it was 80 degrees outside. Either I've have become a terrible wimp when it comes to heat, or 80 degrees feels different in Ohio than it does in Arizona. I will go with the second option. Side note....when I lived in my apartment in Phoenix I set my air conditioning for 82 when I was home and 85 while I was at work. Hey....I was a starving college student!!

Here are a few pictures that I took at our most recent play group get together. Avery would ride on this toy, and Miles would push her around. It was so cute to watch!!

And here is Miles taking a ride on Avery's beloved pig.

Last Summer I bought this pool on clearance. It is so much cuter than the picture on the box makes it out to be. So cute, that I can't bring myself to put it outside to go swimming in. So it is currently in our front room. Avery and I have had a good time reading and playing in it. I have thought about buying balls to fill it up with and make it like a ball pit. Greg thinks I'm crazy...what do you think? Is Avery too young to enjoy the fun of a ball pit? I did go to Target today, and bought a smaller pool for Avery to play in on the deck. I think the dogs think it is just one huge water bowl for them :)

The pool even has four detachable butterflies. One on each palm tree trunk.

We started our holiday weekend a little early with dinner out at our favorite Mexican food restaurant with our neighbors Alicia, Chuck and Miles on Thursday.
Here is a picture of Avery with beans all over her face.

This would be a better picture if we were both smiling.

Alicia and Miles
I'm so excited for the 3 day holiday weekend!!! It should be full of birthday and graduation parties, and just getting things done around the house. Hopefully I have lots of great pictures to share with you all. Have a great weekend!!

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