Monday, May 17, 2010

Yeah for Garage Sale Finds!!

We such a busy weekend. This was Greg's golf weekend when he and his brother and friends play a lot of golf over two days. It is something that they look forward to for weeks. It was also the weekend of our neighborhood garage sale. We had a few things to try to get rid of, and our neighbors brought some of their treasures down as well (so that we had enough for a descent garage sale).

I think the best part of the weekend started Thursday night with the neighborhood "preview" night. Which means you get a head start on the garage sale fun. So I left Greg home to man our sale and Avery and I went shopping!! Here is Avery with her favorite garage sale find...

I thought about saving this for her birthday, but she loves him so much I couldn't keep him hidden away.
She loves to be pushed around the living room.

In addition to Piglet, I also bought two baby gates and a bike trailer. If I didn't find gates at the garage sale, I was going to have to go buy them at the store. Avery has quickly become an expert at climbing the stairs! And the bike trailer is something we have always talked about, and for $30 I couldn't pass it up. There is a similar one on the front of Target ad this week for $149!! I love knowing that I got a good deal!!
Besides garage sale fun, Avery and I went to a birthday party, out for a few walks and even tried out the park. Here are some pictures from the birthday party.
The party was at Pump It Up. A little old for Avery, but she and I did a little jumping together. She also enjoyed watching the big kids....and of course the cake part too.
Avery trying out the obstacle course.

Avery waving to the camera.

It was nice to get some family time in on Sunday after the boys headed back to Michigan. We grilled some brats and then ended with a bike ride (in the new bike trailer)!! It was my first time back on my bike since I was pregnant. It was a great feeling...but my butt doesn't this so today :)
Avery helping Dad!

Out on the Metroparks trail.

Looks like she had a good time!


  1. piglet is so cute! and so is your little one! I just wanted to say thanks for the blog luv and what dashboard do you use that Frost Me! isn't showing on? I can look into the problem!

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  2. That piglet rocker is so cute! You can tell she loves it!

  3. Kim-I just you the dashboard on the blogger website. Does that make sense? I'm not too familiar with all the blogging details.